Design, technology, and strategies to take your business from idea to execution.



Savvy business instincts and a keen understanding of business needs and marketing tactics gives us the ability to provide you with the right roadmap for your brand. Using both best-in-class and emerging, innovative digital strategies, we'll help invigorate your business and pave the way for continuous growth.


Whether it's collaborating with you to create brand imagery from scratch or working within existing brand guidelines, we design user experiences that not only look great, but maximize conversion and build brand loyalty. And from luxury, beauty and fashion, to kids, travel, or gaming, we remain true to the essence of your brand, designing with style and sophistication.


Our seasoned dev team can handle anything thrown their way: front-end integration, database and backend development, e-commerce and booking engines, iOS and Android apps and games—all are par for the course for our group of talented and dedicated programmers and project managers. Your project is in good hands.

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About WDH
About WDH


Sound strategic planning exists at the heart of virtually every successful business endeavor. The digital world is no exception.
WDH produces high returns for companies seeking to leverage and incorporate Internet-based technologies, focusing on providing a clear vision of your company's goals, and then delivering precise development roadmaps detailing how to reach those goals.

We start with the evaluation of your company's short- and long-term goals, as well as the definition of success points and milestones, then work with you to define and understand your business, brand, and marketing needs. We analyze your customers' needs, establish measurability, and explore how to make best use of tried-and-true tactics and technologies to maximize your company's growth.

As architects and builders of digital businesses, much of our work at WDH is considered to be "virtual." The business results of our work, however, are quite real. We formulate our technology solutions to make business processes more efficient, reduce operating costs, improve cycle times, exploit new opportunities, enhance relationships with customers, and build customer loyalty.

Ajay Arora

Founder and President of WDH, Ajay first started helping businesses navigate the Web back in the mid-1990s while still finishing his degree at NYU. In 1998, he formed eRSVP, which today is still providing event planning services to a diverse group of clients. Through WDH, he has helped a multitude of companies grow their business online with technical savvy and unerring business instincts honed over the last twenty years.

Alfredo Tadiar

As Creative Director for WDH and co-founder of the WDH spinoff Silvermotion, Alfredo brings over two decades of experience in design and marketing. Over the years, he has designed for nearly every medium, including print, television, packagaing, Web and mobile. Deftly handling everything from beauty, fashion and luxury to kids, automotive, and cpg, he manages to imbue any project with sophistication and intelligence.

About WDH
Mobile Startups

WDH can help bring your mobile app idea to life and get you started on the road to achieving growth and revenue.

We’ll start by evaluating your concept from all angles to see how we can turn a great idea into an amazing - and profitable - one. And don’t worry, the security of your intellectual property is of the utmost priority for us. We’ll then begin structuring your business model canvas (BMC) to determine everything from your cost structure and key resources to your unique value propositions, customer segments, and revenue streams.

Our UX/Design team will begin with detailed wireframes and work with you to create a smart, sophisticated interface that both emphasizes user-friendliness and expresses the right look-and-feel for your brand. All along the way, we’ll be planning and building the right technical solution for your product, and developing your customer acquisition and growth strategies.

Contact us to begin the discussion – no commitment necessary.
Of if you need something quickly (like a presentation to investors or even a prototype), try our intensive workshops.


3-Day Product Strategy Workshop

Three days may not sound like a lot of time, but trust us, together we can get a ton done. We’ll analyze and validate your concept, review and strengthen it until it’s basically bullet proof. We’ll develop the right BMC and define your technical roadmap. You’ll get strategies for marketing, monetization, acquiring users, getting financed, future growth and more.

7-Day Prototype Workshop

This week-long intensive session gives you all the planning and strategy generated in the three-day workshop, plus a basic, working prototype that you can use to demo your main idea and its essential features. In a rapid development process, we’ll create the schematics and an initial UI that our technical team will turn into a demo version ready for presentation.

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